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Terms and Conditions


Please make sure you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions before you make a booking. By placing a booking you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted them.


  • Payment for courses, consultations, workshops and one to one training sessions must be made in advance. Invoices can be raised on request and emailed; printed and posted invoices will incur a £2 charge.

  • Kirk's Canine Academy reserves the right to change the content, timing, date, venue or instructor of classes, workshops or one to one sessions in order to provide a high-quality service or where it is necessary for reasons beyond our control.

  • Kirk's Canine Academy accepts no responsibility for injury to you or your dog, sustained at or away from any training venue, event, session or lesson.

  • Kirk's Canine Academy accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to cars or property whilst at a training venue, event, session or lesson.

  • All under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.


  • Payment for classes is payment for the stated number of consecutive sessions. Non-attendance will result in a loss of that session (unless the class is cancelled by Kirk's Canine Academy in which case a new date will be added to the end of the course. Non-attendance of the alternative date will result in loss of that session).

  • In the event a class has low enrollment as to make it unviable for us to provide, we will either email or call you at least 2 days before your class is due to begin to let you know there is the possibility the class may be cancelled or postponed. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, we can either transfer you into a new class or offer a full refund. 

  • It is each dog owners responsibility to ensure the safety of their dog by keeping all vaccinations up to date. Proof of vaccinations (or titre test results) may be required at the commencement of a course.

  • Payments for courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Please keep dogs on a lead at all times unless otherwise directed by the instructor.

  • If your dog fouls the training area or surrounding areas please pick up after your dog.

  • Please do not bring your dog if he/she is unwell.

  • Please do not bring bitches in season to the training area.

  • Kirk's Canine Academy reserves the right to exclude or offer alternative training to any dog owner if we consider it to be in their dog's best interests or to ensure the safety of others.



  • Payment for One to One training sessions and behavioural assessments, consultations, and follow-ups is payment for the session or number of sessions stated. Non-attendance will result in the loss of the payment if the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the session (unless the session is cancelled by Kirk's Canine Academy in which case an alternative date will be offered or the payment will be refunded). 

  • If booking a 'package' of sessions, the total fee must be paid prior to the first appointment and all sessions in a pre-paid package must be taken within 6 months of that date.

  • For Behavioural Consultations, the initial telephone interview constitutes the start date of the package.  

  • Any part of the package that is unused by the package expiry date/within 6 months (whichever is the longer) will no longer be available.

  • A travel charge of 35 pence per mile after the first 20 miles travel from SA14 6TE may be added at the discretion of Kirk's Canine Academy. 

  • Individual training plans are not productive if they keep stopping and starting with large gaps between appointments. Clients who feel they cannot commit to a regular training plan should wait until they feel they can commit before booking.


  • For all classes, one to one training and behaviour sessions please bring the following for your dog:

    • For safety:

      • A well-fitting buckle or clip collar – no form of slip leads, check/choke chains, or prong collars will be allowed.

      • A well fitting and secure harness.

      • A strong lead with a well-maintained clip - no extending leads.

    • Food Rewards:

      • Please bring plenty of food rewards for your dog. When you are considering what food rewards to bring, we strongly recommend you choose something of high value to your dog – some suggestions are sausages (cocktail sausages or frankfurters), chicken or cheese, cut into pea-sized pieces…we’re going to need them to reward your dog for their hard work.

      • Please bring your food rewards in a suitable treat pouch for easy access. 

    • Poo Bags: Please bring bags to collect and dispose of your dog’s poo.

    • Clothing: Much of our training is indoors, but some is outdoors so please dress yourselves accordingly and more importantly consider your dog’s comfort - if your dog has a coat in the winter months or a cool coat in the summer months please bring them.



Animal aggression can cause injury, including fatal injury, to other animals and people. Treatment for aggression is not a guarantee of success and modifying behaviour does not ensure that the aggression will be successfully controlled. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their pet does not harm in the future. Precautions may involve but are not limited to, keeping a dog on a lead, the use of a muzzle, informing others of the dog’s aggressive tendencies, not mixing with certain types of people or other dogs, or confinement behind fencing and doors. Owners remain responsible for their dogs at all times and are advised to have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the event of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or to a third party. It is strongly recommended that your dog is insured for third party liability with or without vet cover.




Privacy and Data Protection Policy:

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