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Alistair has been a professional Dog Trainer and Behaviour Practitioner since 2018, and has been training and working with dogs since 2009. He is passionate about promoting the use of non-forceful training methods and the benefits - and effective results - that they offer.

He is a member of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles (PPGBI), the  International Companion Animal Network  (ICAN), and the Dog Welfare Alliance. He is also a fully accredited trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), an Approved Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College (DTC-ADT), and a Blue Level Instructor and Level 1 Judge with the World Scent Dog Association (WSDA).

He has studied extensively with a variety of canine training providers including
the IMDTDog Training College, the UKCSD, the WSDA, the School of Canine Science, and Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Amber Batson, attending a wide range of workshops, seminars, webinars and courses, all as part of a rigorous programme of continuing professional development that ensures he stays up to date with the latest
research and how we can best apply that research to training techniques.

He also holds certificates in Canine First Aid and Advanced (Human) First Aid,
and has Public Liability Insurance.

Ali, Emily & Reuben
Ali, Reuben & Ophelia
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