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1-2-1 TRAINING    

Personalised Training & Behaviour Solutions

Our tailored 1-2-1 dog training packages are designed to address a wide range of issues, providing you with the high level of close support and ongoing guidance needed to achieve remarkable results. Whether you're a new puppy parent, struggling with loose lead walking or recall skills, or dealing with more serious behavioural challenges like reactivity, our expert trainer is here to guide and support you every step of the way.


Key Features Of Our 1-2-1 Training Services

In-Person Sessions: Our experienced trainer will work directly with you and your dog, providing hands-on guidance during personalised training sessions. This allows us to address your dog's specific needs in a focused and efficient manner.

Supporting Recap Videos & Resources: To supplement your in-person sessions, we provide supporting recap videos and resources. These materials allow you to review and reinforce the training techniques at your convenience, ensuring consistent progress between sessions.

Video Critique and Feedback: As part of our commitment to your dog's progress, we offer video critique and feedback. You can share videos of your training sessions, allowing our trainer to provide valuable insights, suggestions, and adjustments to further enhance your training approach.

Veterinary Liaison: We maintain a strong collaboration with veterinary professionals to ensure a multi-modal approach to your dog's training. If necessary, we can liaise with your veterinarian to address any medical concerns that may impact your dog's behaviour and training progress.

Tailored Training Plans: We create customised training plans that are regularly updated to adapt to your dog's progress and changing needs. Our trainer will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan that suits your goals and aligns with your dog's unique personality and learning style.

Daily Message Support: We understand that questions and concerns may arise outside of scheduled sessions. That's why we offer daily message support, providing you with direct access to our trainer for quick guidance, advice, and answers to your training-related queries.

Dynamic Dog Assessment: as a qualified Dynamic Dog Practitioner, Alistair is able to conduct a thorough functional assessment of your dog's behaviour, gait and posture, helping to identify underlying factors that may contribute to training challenges. This comprehensive evaluation enables us to tailor the training program to address specific behavioural issues effectively.

Access to Facebook Support Group: As a part of our community, you'll gain access to our exclusive Facebook support group. Engage with like-minded dog owners, share experiences, seek advice, and receive ongoing support from our trainer and fellow participants.


Take the first step towards resolving your dog's training or behaviour issues by reaching out to us today. Our personalized 1-2-1 training packages provide the close support and guidance you need to overcome challenges and build a strong bond with your furry companion. Let us be your trusted partner on this transformative journey.


Contact us now to discuss your training or behavioral concerns and explore how our tailored 1-2-1 training services can make a positive difference in your dog's life. Together, we'll pave the way for a well-behaved, happy, and harmonious relationship with your beloved pet.

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