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Continuous Professional Development... Continues!

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons define CPD as:

The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the member’s working life’ RCVS 2006

The reason CPD is so important in this industry is that dog training and behaviour is always evolving, and in order to stay current, there is a need to continually increase your skill set and knowledge base; it represents a growth mindset, and recognition of the fact there will always be more to learn. CPD is also a measurable method of showing fellow professionals, clients and members of the public how seriously I take my job.

After many months of hard work and squeezing in studying around so many other demands on my time, I'm delighted to have at last finished the School of Canine Science team's Puppy Lab course! It has been a great way to add to my already wide base of knowledge around training in general and puppies specifically, and I'm looking forward to incorporating this learning into my upcoming puppy classes.

This week was also the time of year where I needed to update my CPD record with the IMDT to maintain my membership and accreditation. The benchmark they set in order to prove I am continuing to learn and develop as a trainer is 15 CPD points, and by my reckoning this past year I have accrued 94!!

At the moment, one of the most exciting courses I am working to complete is my Dynamic Dog Practitioner qualification, learning about how to recognise and highlight potential indicators of pain and illness and I'm really looking forward to how much that is going to allow me to help the dogs I work with get the help they need, and aid with addressing their behavioural issues, improving life for them and for their pet parents. Watch this space!

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