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Behaviour Consultations


When is a Behaviour Consultation Required?

People keep dogs as pets for many different reasons, but by and large it's for the love and companionship that they provide. Occasionally though, dogs can develop unwanted behaviours that are either disruptive, unsafe or both.

Kirk's Canine Academy offers a framework of training and support to help you modify your dog's unwanted behavioural issues to the point where they are either more manageable or eliminated completely.


Many factors can contribute to the development of behavioural problems such as aggression, separation anxiety or  excessive barking, but with the appropriate help and advice these problems can be managed and and in most cases, rectified.

Common issues that we can help you with include:


  • Dog to human aggression, reactivity or fear

  • Dog to dog aggression, reactivity or fear

  • Separation anxiety

  • Predation and chasing

  • Resource guarding 

  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours

  • Adult toilet training

What Does a Behaviour Consultation Involve?


A behavioural consultation begins with you completing a questionnaire to help us start to build a case history. We will then continue this with an hour long telephone/skype interview with you, to make sure we have as much information about the situation as possible.


We will then arrange for us to visit you and your dog to assess them and determine the emotions that are influencing their behaviour. We will explain why the behaviour is being maintained and then start some practical training to begin to address it.

We will give you a full written report after your consultation to give you a reminder of our assessment, and the bespoke training plan that you can reference to help you continue with your training afterwards.


Finally, we offer you ongoing support after your consultation, in the form of a one hour follow-up training session, 3 months of email support as you need it, and if required further practical 1-2-1 training sessions can be arranged at a discounted rate.

This comprehensive Behaviour Consultation with remedial action plan and support costs £200.