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If your dog's behaviour has become a never-ending source of stress that dictates where you can and can't go and what you can and can't do, it could well be time to seek professional help.

For a whole host of reasons, dogs can develop problem behaviours that make day-to-day life a constant challenge:

We offer bespoke training and support packages that identify the root cause(s) of the issue, help you modify your dog's environment and routine accordingly, and address the specific problem behaviours, making life less stressful and more enjoyable for both your dog and you.

Reactivity towards people

Reactivity towards dogs

Separation related distress or destructive behaviours

Generalised anxiety

Intra-house dog-dog aggression

We recognise that behaviour problems often arise both directly and indirectly as a result of concurrent or previous medical issues and for that reason, all our behaviour packages start with a veterinary referral. We strive to work as part of a team, linking owner, vet and trainer, and this helps to ensure your dog’s welfare remains front and centre throughout the whole process.

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